ARTSOFT®  and Veeam Data Management Solutions
Supermicro SuperStorage with Veeam Data Management for Virtual, Physical and Cloud solutions


ARTSOFT with Veeam Data Management for Virtual, Physical and Cloud solutions

The digital transformation continuum requires that businesses are available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Supermicro, along with Veeam have partnered to deliver a solution that provides non-stop business continuity. Organizations now have the power of backup and recovery software, offering flexible, faster data recovery for any application, and any data on any cloud while providing enhanced data management operational efficiency to meet all your data management needs.


ARTSOFT Resource Saving Systems with the Power of Green Compute for the 21st Century Data Center

ARTSOFT High-Performance Storage Server Solutions include all of the components required to build a rock-solid storage infrastructure. ARTSOFT SuperStorage is engineered and tested to meet the demands of the most rigorous storage environments, from latency-sensitive caching applications to large capacity data environments requiring large files for media-driven libraries and Big Data.


The Performance of Veeam Data Management Validated with ARTSOFT SuperStorage Servers

Data management is an integral part of every business strategy that relies on data to make accurate business decisions and strategies. Supermicro SuperStorage is available to meet those demands for all your optimized applications. With the ability to scale-up and scale-out, Supermicro SuperStorage servers along with Veeam Cloud Data Management solutions delivers high availability, simplicity, and scale for all your various workloads.