Elevate Your Storage Strategy with Cloud-Defined Storage
The Power of Enterprise Cloud Storage
ARTSOFT and Nebulon partner together to deliver a cyber-resilient cloud operating platform to MSPs, CSPs and customer data centers. Nebulon cyber-resilient smartInfrastructure delivers the benefits and agility of the public cloud experience, on-premises from core to edge for any application — containerized, virtualized or bare metal. Key Nebulon solutions include TimeJump, ImmutableBoot, smartEdge and smartIaaS.
ARTSOFT with Nebulon Cyber-resilient smartInfrastructure

The first and only combined server-storage solution architected to allow complete ransomware recovery in less than 4 minutes

Solution Overview

Nebulon smartInfrastructure brings the public cloud experience on-premises via a hyper-scaler like cloud operating platform for on-premises IT

Cloud-managed Supermicro Ultra servers that integrates clustered compute, storage, storage services, and cyber-resiliency all in a single solution enabling MSPs and enterprises to:

  • Achieve full Supermicro server-estate ransomware recovery in under 4-minutes
  • Reduce edge footprint with a 2-node solution
  • Do twice as much in half the time with centralized remote fleet management
  • Eliminate server dependencies and overhead of hyperconverged infrastructure

Nebulon transforms your Supermicro Ultra server estate into a hyperscale-like cloud offering with built-in cyber-resilience to protect your most valuable business assets.